Commissioned for Video Positive 91 and shown at the Open Eye Gallery, Losing was a 4 channel/11 monitor installation. The video presented here is a single-channel version of this work.

The 30 minutes of extra time have passed and England's finest have to face the sudden death rite of the penalty shoot-out. A selection of troops, some wounded, some grieving, but all heroes, take their turns. Chris Waddle, recently shorn for battle, moves towards the spot that could be the end of a sentence, or the beginning of a whole new chapter. Eight yards by eight feet, the target is dwarfed by the history of targets. But this is before the eyes of all the home guard. No ambiguity of history here, just the sharp focus of Sony, Fuji and Canon and the mercurial powers of the satellite.

This installation was commissioned for Video Positive with the assistance of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

more on Video Positive 91 here

With thanks to Liverpool City Council Parks and Gardens.

Featuring Bill Dean, Marijne Van Der Vlugt and Shaun Dingwall